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Veggies to Plant Now.
- Tomatoes
- Eggplant
- Capsicum
- Pumpkins
- Watermelons
- Carrots
- Lettuce (non hearting varieties)
- Beetroot
- Silverbeet
- Beans

PRUNING:  Although Azaleas do not have to be pruned annually, if they are looking a little leggy or sparse in growth, give them a prune after they have finished flowering, followed by some fertilizer.  You can prune all of your winter and spring flowering shrubs right after they finish producing blooms for you.  Don't forget your native plants aswell, the Grevilleas and Callistemons will respond well to a prune at this time of year.  It will help to encourage more flowers in the summer months and an attractive shaped plant.  Poinsettias may still have colour on them at this time, so perhaps leave the pruning of these until mid - late October.  Prune your summer flowering shrubs now before they start to regrow again.  If you do the summer flowering shrubs now, they will get enough growth on them before summer to produce flowers again.
WATERING:  It is important to keep moisture in the ground at this time of year to support new tender spring growth.  To stop the spread of fungal diseases, it is best to water in the morning so that the plants get a chance to dry out before nightfall comes.
MULCHING:  Applying mulch to your garden beds now will help to lock in the moisture and keep away any weeds which have seeds lying dormant in the ground.  Make sure to apply the mulch about 75mm thick so that it is doing the best job that it can.
FERTILIZING:  As the weather warms up everything will start actively growing again and this is a perfect time to feed the garden.  We recommend Organix Xtra as an all purpose fertilizer.  It is all organic and will not burn your plants.